FIND how analytics can help you generate more revenue and profitability
Shape an unforgettable experience for your customer with seamless ordering while maintaining a tight control on operation of your store.

CirQ POS - The Best Way to do Analytics to Increase Revenue & Profitability in Restaurant

Analytics dashboard as seen in point of sale software

Find areas to focus

There are a lot of areas a business can focus and improve its services and increase revenue. Analytics are tools that analyse data that can be used to gain remarkable insights to increasing profitability that could otherwise go on unnoticed.

Consumer Analytics

Most importantly CirQ POS provides consumer analytics for knowing preferences and purchasing choices of customers. These have shown to be important and powerful selling tool as they enable targetting right consumers.

Diverse Use of Analytics

dverse use of analytics
bullet-pointOperations Analytics
Analyze data to see if a product or service is getting negative feedback
bullet-pointMarketing Analytcs
Analyze whether a customer is not showing interest in campaigns
bullet-pointMaterial Management
Analyze inventory data to see if you procure excess inventory of certain items

Never miss any opportunity

scustomer growth screen in marketing dashboard of pos
bullet-pointWhat research suggests
It is now known that in restaurants some potential earning is lost at the table, by not taking the opportunity to sell more products. This includes cross-sell, up-sell, or related items offering.

bullet-pointSimple example
For e.g. a nice suggestion can be made to customers based on pattern seen in food combinations ordered. This is like suggestions on leading ecommerce sites: “People who bought this also bought..."

Create Plans for Customer Engagements

bullet-pointSupply-chain analytics
CirQ POS also provides Supply Chain Analytics which is not a new concept. With this you can act on the 7 Wastes of Lean Manufacturing which are most well known wastes in any production activity.
bullet-pointIncrease competitiveness
Reducing waste can affect net cost of your products, either reducing the price making it more competitive or increasing the profit margin on the item.

bullet-pointAssess operations

Through POS analytics from CirQ you consistently assess operational effectiveness and the contributions any entity makes. Insights are generally easy to act on generating more revenue.
bullet-pointScientific decisions

Analytics also gives unit economics information for every item you are selling from ingredients and allows you to work scientifically.