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CirQ POS - The Best Way to create customized engagement campaigns

campaign-manager screen from cirq point of sale software
bullet-point Importance of engaging customers
Having customer engagement is as important as serving customers. More often than not engaging customers brings additional sales.

bullet-point CirQ POS capabilities
CirQ not only gives insights and ability to categorize customers on the basis of their behaviour and choices. It also provides an inbuilt system to engage with different groups of customers specifically.

Create Cohorts in the POS

create cohorts screen in the pos
bullet-point Go to the right screen
On the left there are different sections providing various related functionalities. Under sections are several screens. Under Marketing section, select create audience screen
bullet-pointCreate audiences
Select various attributes from the groups of attributes and form an audience. e.g. customers who visited 6-8 times in the last month and ordered from a category of dish you sell
bullet-pointUse campaign manager
Under Marketing section, select campaign manager screen to start a campaign. You can run campaigns till your billing date or threshold has not crossed
bullet-pointEngage with customers from CirQ POS
Send SMS or email to your customers from campaign manager screen. You can schedule it to be sent in the future also
bullet-pointWrite a good message
Provide subject and sending-from id in emails. Contact CirQ support to know more about various kinds of engagements you can involve your customers in

Track your Customer Engagement Campaigns

Track Customer Engagement Campaigns screen from pos
bullet-pointView list of campaign
You can track a campaign with its campaign name. From list of campaign screen under Marketing section click on your campaign name. Tracking your customer engagement can increase output of the effort you will put in customer relationship management.

bullet-pointFrom marketing dashboard
Under Marketing section, see marketing dashboard screen to observe customer's email and sms receipt interactions. See channel wise call-to-action goal achievements. Observe performance and improve your customer engagements.

Create Plans for Customer Engagements

Plans for Customer Engagements infographic
bullet-pointObserve customer categories
Create targeted campaigns for different kinds of audience. Invite customers to use an item they have never used. Also observe demand of an item and make customer interactions accordingly
bullet-pointUse analytics
CirQ recommends engaging customers based on a plan supported by analytics. Create personalised email or SMS based on buying patterns! Visit here to know more about using analytics in CirQ POS

bullet-pointActively create customer data

Capture customer details before checkout including their age, gender, email address, etc. and know a customer from the very first time of visit to your restaurant until the last time for decision making
bullet-pointIncrease targeted interactions

Track loyalty and keep in touch with regular customers. Take feedbacks and offer flexibilities like layaway! Contact us to know more about customer loyalty management