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CirQ POS - The Best Way to generate most relevant reports for your business

CirQ PoS system's screenshot showing the list of all transactions
bullet-point The various reports in CirQ POS
There are reports on sales, employees, customers, channel, payment methods, growth, and more! Using these reports you can identify what is working well and what isn't so as to take correct decisions. Also track past reports and identify trends in your business.
bullet-point CirQ POS capabilities
CirQ POS allows you to see and download most relevant reports. You can perform additional analysis and generate more reports locally using these reports. The Point of Sale system also allows you to select particular period of time and generate historical reports.

The Various Reports in CirQ POS

bullet-point Sales Overview Under sales overview report see date wise Gross Sales and Net Sales reports in your CirQ POS restaurant software
bullet-point Sales By Category Under sales by category, download and see date wise Number of Transactions by Category and total sales by category reports from POS software from CirQ
bullet-point Sales By Days Of Week As the name suggests Sales By Days Of Week gives sales day-of-week wise. See reports on total number of sales as well as average number of sales
bullet-point Sales By Table Under sales by table, get date wise number of transactions and total sales on any table reports
bullet-point Sales By Staff Sales by staff shows reports on number and value of transactions through a staff date wise
bullet-point Sales By Channel Sales By Channel shows number and value of transactions through a channel date wise.
bullet-point Sales By Payment Type Sales By Payment Type shows date wise number of transactions and total sales via a payment type
bullet-point View All Transactions Get a list of all transactions in CirQ point of sale (POS) with details here.
bullet-point Customer Engagement Campaigns Get a list of all completed marketing campaigns you ran via CirQ POS
bullet-point Customer Growth Observe growth of customers achieved in your business here
bullet-point SMS Receipt Interaction See reports of completed sms campaigns
bullet-point Email Receipt Interaction See reports of completed email campaigns