Find how to create Kitchen Order Tickets in CirQ Point of Sale Software
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CirQ POS - The Best Way to generate Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs)

Screenshots of CirQ Point of sale system on mobile and widescreen
bullet-point Why use KOT
Having KOT is an effortless way to tell kitchen what to cook without being bothered about table number, items, and order sequence.
bullet-point CirQ POS KOTs
CirQ not only gives the option to print but also send digital KOTs to kitchen. This is less messy and environment friendly.

KOTs Based on Business Workflow Design

bullet-point Suppose you have 3 kitchens where you want orders to reach and printed. Based on this you create three departments. You may create additional departments for observing purposes or as the case arise.
bullet-pointSuppose you created four departments, D1, D2, D3, & D4. Each department can have categories, say based on categories of food. Each category has items.
bullet-pointNow, a department gets items from a particular kitchen. Suppose K1 (General) can process categories in D1 and D4; K2 prepares for D2; and Kitchen K3 prepares for D3. These are the things that is to be decided first.
bullet-pointIt is obvious that when an item in a particular department is ordered the KOT should be sent to the corresponding kitchen. This is what CirQ POS does.
bullet-pointFor example, let D1 have item A; let D2 have item B; let D3 have item C; let D4 have item E.
When a customer orders B and C, CirQ will auto send KOT for B to K2 and KOT for C to K3 with details of ordered table.
bullet-pointSimilarly, When a customer orders A, C, and E CirQ will auto send KOT for A and E to K1 (because A=>D1=>K1 and E=>D4=>K1). And CirQ will send a KOT for C to K3 with details of ordered table.
bullet-pointYou can keep updating items, adding or deleting from a category, orders will go to the correct area. Also, you can create departments, categories and KOTs. You can edit relationships between a KOT and departments any time.

Step by Step Process in the POS

CirQ PoS screenshot for setting up KOT
bullet-pointUnderstand that all items belong to some categories for classification purpose. All items or maybe even categories belong to one or the other department for KOT printing purpose. So, under a KOT comes department.

To create or choose a KOT in your POS, login as admin in your CirQ Point of Sale system. Under Settings section, select generals. In the generals screen, select the tab "set up KOTs"

bullet-point Add a new or choose existing KOT. Then drag and drop departments that you want to print for under this KOT to this KOT box. Click Save to implement your changes
bullet-pointBy default, a general KOT type is provided. This is the basic KOT type and you may not use it by keeping it blank.