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Shape an unforgettable experience for your customer with seamless ordering while putting an emphasis on going green.
"Please consider the environment before printing this email."
CirQ POS screen to email receipts

Why the emphasis on going green?

Things we discard is absorbed by the environment. The reason is conservation principle that nothing actually ever goes away. It has to go somewhere. When waste is burned fumes thus generated spreads, if wastes are buried underground it can pollute soil around and to perform this task itself requires good amount of energy.
Take a case: our skin absorbs up to 60 percent of the products we put on it! Now anyone knowing this and the kind of chemicals present in cosmetics will reject those that are toxic internally.

How can Cirq help?

Invoices and receipts have short usage-life and it can safely be said that not printing them is entirely a conservation effort. The data is anyway supposed to be stored, which in turn does require some energy. So, CirQ POS provides this functionality of going green by emailing receipts generated in the retail software.

Let's look at some of the concerns looking in our face.

go green - a grassland
bullet-pointHabitat and biodiversity destruction
1.5 acres of rainforest is lost every second to land development, with huge losses to habitat and biodiversity.
bullet-pointRainforest Deforestation
50,000 plants, animal, and insect species are lost to rainforest deforestation per year.
bullet-pointPolluted Cities
Indian cities are the most polluted cities in the world.

Efforts being put into going green.

bullet-pointRecycling and Composting
In 2012, owing to recycling and composting, 86.6 million tons of material was prevented from going to landfill or incineration.
bullet-pointEfforts at the highest level
As many as 21 countries have become climate neutral through the purchase of carbon credits, with one further agency offsetting emissions from its headquarters. These offsets amount to 676,997 tonnes of CO2 equivalent or 32 per cent of the UN's total reported emissions for 2014.

bullet-pointDecrease in dependency on fossil fuels

60 percentreduction in developmental problems was observed in children in China born after a coal-based power plant closed in 2006.
bullet-pointShrink the Carbon Profile

By small everyday actions like driving a low carbon vehicle, reducing use of luxury items like air conditioners and bottled sprays, we can reduce harmful carbon emissions which's responsible for much of global warming by 700-900 kilograms per year.