Learn more about how CirQ works on Mac and PC

CirQ is future ready point of sale that works seamlessly on PC or Mac.
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Whatever be the device, just login to the right CirQ account and start using!
“CirQ is a cloud based pos that can work simply in your browser! It also has the technology to work without internet.”
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No Hassles
You don't even have to find which version or which product to install. Leave all those hassles to us.
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Identical Interface
Our POS is identical on both Mac and PC. It will have exact same interface in both the Mac and PC. No time should it take if you decide to switch!
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Independent Functions
Further it hardly matters what device or platform is the tab or mobile that the staff/waiter uses. They place order and print KOTs independently.
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The POS offered by CirQ runs seamlessly on Mac as well as PC. It is highly dependable powered by most recent frameworks, front end and servers.
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Cloud PoS
The cloud based pos doesn't require set-up but runs in your browser. It doesn't require you to purchase database, complex hardware or software.