Shape an unforgettable experience for your customer with seamless ordering while maintaining a tight control on operation of your store.

CirQ POS - The Best Way to Manage your sales.

Save on hardware cost : Sell on Laptops, Desk-tops or Mobile
CirQ is the most advanced point of sale system that works both on Mobile devices as well as desktops and laptops. It simplifies ordering & checking out process. Thus it gives your customers amazing experience, while gathering their data that will help you keep them coming back to your store. CirQ Restaurant POS very easy to use. You can get your staff selling in no time! CirQ connects with the most popular hardware & printers, and integrates with a variety of payment providers such as PayTM, Instamojo, Mobikwik, MSwipe or EzeTap.

Sell more with our suite of apps for Tabs and Phones
We’ve completely reimagined how orders are taken and check outs are completed. Quicker sales mean more time making customers happy. Quicker sales means ability to serve more customers. Intuitive, advanced, beautiful and powerful, CirQ Restaurant POS is the best point of sale available, and is a wonderful way to start conversations with your customers and keep them engaged.

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Speed up your ordering and checkout with powerful features such as Mobile Wallet Payment and e-receipts.

Generate KOTs on-the-go
With CirQ Restaurant manager app, waiters can now generate KOTs in kitchen without any physical movement, saving a substantial amount of time and significantly optimizing your turn around time.
Generate KOTs as per department
Form separate department and send indivual KOTs to each department along with Master KOT. Generate multiple printouts for each KOTs. All controllable from Admin dashboard.
Advanced Product & Customer search
Quickly add products to the Cart by typing in keywords, category name or tags in the Restaurant POS software. Easily find customers by name or phone number.
Sales Notes and Discounts
Add notes to the order that will appear on KOTs to let Chef know about special instructions. Add discounts that will apply to all the items in a customer’s basket or to specific items only.
Custom E Receipts
Customize receipts with your logo and name. Create receipt templates in different languages or for a specific purpose. Go Green by choosing to email or sms receipts through POS after a sale.

Grow your customer list and engage with them.

Seamlessly capture user details and get insights like never before
You can capture customers details seamlessly before checkout including their age, gender, email address. From the very first time a person visits your restaurant until the last time, all the visits get counted and recorded, giving you incisive insights into customers' behavioural buying pattern

Send Personalised and Targeted SMS and Email Notification to your consumers
Create cohorts based on buying patterns and send personalised and targeted SMS and email notification to the users, to generate more engagement and loyalty.

Powerful Analytics and Inventory Management for Powerful decision making.

User Behavior Analytics: Uncover valuable user insights in just a few clicks
Leverage user insights to improve your product and meet business goals: increase engagement and drive revenue. Understand not just what your users are buying, but why they’re doing it
Segment users for a clear picture
Segmenting users by properties like location, age, gender is important for seeing how different types of users behave. Easily compare multiple groups of users for retention, revenue, and more with platform
Pinpoint drop-offs
Figure out why customers have stopped coming to your restaurant with our feedback management system in the POS and take decision accordingly
Real-time data, Anytime & Anywhere
whether you are at home on a Saturday evening or travelling in a car on Monday morning, with CirQ Dashboard, Easily monitor the performance of your store from anywhere, anytime

Inventory Management & Control
Make better informed decisions about your purchasing and inventory with stock on hand, low stock and inventory level reports at your fingertips
Make sense of your data
Use a wide range of filters to get to the bottom of things, and help you identify trends or problem areas that need immediate attention
End of day Reporting via Email
Choose important reports to be mailed to your managers and management team at end of day. Get consolidated Weekly and monthly reports delivered via email
Help your staff upsell and cross-sell
Monitor average transaction value and average basket size per sales person, and help your staff identify ways to increase these measures.
Keep an eye on your daily transactions
Monitor daily sales with register closure and birds eye view and sales history reports. Check for discrepancies, and add notes about the day.

Gain tight control over every transaction.

User Account and permission levels for each kind of users
Create user accounts and define permission levels for each of your staff. Control the information they have access to, the changes they can make or the discounts they can give. Set password protection for each level.
Cash Management and End of Day Cash Position Report
Reduce errors, theft and discrepancies by recording all changes from cash float to register closures. Handle cash withdrawals with ease.

Table Take over and user switching

Track employee performance and increase accountability with CirQ POS. The choice is yours to switch users or to require a password between sales.
End of Day Closure report

Get a printable record of your daily totals. Send and save PDF copy of your reports to email to view later. Add notes about the day and check your totals by payment type.