Navigate the Online CirQ Store Manager Dashboard

1.Bird’s Eye View of CirQ Dashboard

Shows you a brief/bird’s eye view of your store’s current days’ details and also a weekly brief.

EyeView of dashboard


A live analytic stack of your data in an overview which helps you to actually focus on the growth of your business and also keeps the interest alive.

Analytics menu screenshot


Lets you add and delete new & old menu items.

Items menu


Is another feature filled with user convenience provided to you by CirQ POS. Under this you can see actual data in dashboard of what exactly your audience consist of, how you can optimize that to your own benefit, and also what the actual efficiency or outcome of your particular campaign is.

Marketing menu screenshot


This screen in your dashboard allows you to add, edit and delete new or existing users to your store.

User management screen of cirq pos


Gives you the option to add, view, edit, and delete your channels, tables, taxes, discounts, payment methods, receipts and more.

Settings menu screenshot

7.Deleted Items

To view and restore all the deleted items from all the categories. E.g. Deleted Tables, Deleted Discounts, Deleted Taxes, etc.

Deleted items menu screenshot