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CirQ POS - Know what makes POS software from CirQ Unique!

CirQ PoS System screenshots on mobile and laptop
bullet-point Where CirQ POS Stands
CirQ developed its Point of Sale solution after understanding all the requirements a restaurant migh have and after knowing what is the latest trend all over the world. This makes our POS future ready!
bullet-point CirQ POS capabilities
CirQ POS allows your computer to be a mini-ERP system! You can see and download most relevant reports. You can run campaigns which would normally require another software and subscription. The Point of Sale system also allows you to select particular period of time and generate historical reports also.

The Various Unique Features in CirQ POS

bullet-point Department wise KOT Create departments having categories of items and print KOTs department wise andnot just category wise
bullet-point Cloud based POS Now forget hassles of setting infrastructure and use cloud infrastructure and software from your browser.
bullet-point Work offline as well as on cloud CirQ allows you to work even when internet connection is lost. This is unique from any other PoS software systems.
bullet-point Free full support CirQ provides support for its POS software that is 100% free without any hidden costs!
bullet-point Indian startup CirQ POS is a proud Indian startup with head offices in Bengaluru.
bullet-point Real time analytics Our POS software provides realtime analytics
bullet-point Not just CRM but Customer Engagement Our POS software has not just an inbuilt CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software but allows you to run customer engagement campaigns fromwithin the POS and track their performance.
bullet-point Inventory Control CirQ POS software has inbuilt inventory management system which makes CirQ a really heavy POS!
bullet-point Supply Chain Analytics By using our POS software you get the ability to control your supply chain and improve performance
bullet-point Customer Analytics Now get customer analytics done fromwithin your POS software. In a few clicks CirQ POS tells you so much about your customer behaviour.
bullet-point Accept Mobile payments Ahead of time, our POS allows you to accept mobile payments. Accept popular wallet payments as well as conventional payment methods.
bullet-point Track Employee performance With only one license, CirQ allows you to create several users. Now track every employee's performance, every waiters' share of transactions on any day.
bullet-point Send e-receipts CirQ POS software supports sending e-receipts via email or sms from your POS automatically.
bullet-point Generate paperless KOTs Our POS software also allows you to generate KOTs directly into a device in the kitchen, so need to have a paper KOT anymore. Track all past KOTs easily.
bullet-point Run on any device: tab, mobile, or desktop CirQ POS is designed to run on any device which makes us unique!